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ARYA2 Movie Review telugi Review Arya movie Allu arjun

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Movie Review: Arya 2 (Telugu) 2009

Arya 2 Review

Star Cast: Santosh Sahu, Navadeep, Shraddha Das, Allu Arjun (Bunny), Kajal Agarwal, Arya & others
Music by: Devi Sri Prasad

Writer & Direction: Sukumar

Produced by: Aditya Babu

ARYA 2 is a much glorified movie & is said to be a sequel of 2004 movie ARYA.

It’s been said that the film is a musical hit & mainly the song ‘Ringa Ringa…’ is the main highlight. The movie revolves moves on an average tempo. The screenplay & the brief storyline, both are brilliantly imprinted.

Allu Arjun & Navadeep are chums since their childhood & they compete together with each other in everything they face up in life. Navadeep forever desires to be a step ahead from Bunny & he constantly competes with Bunny in many activities like dance, music, studies, games etc. But as anticipated, Allu finally wins & always stay ahead from Navadeep.
These childhood duo enters into a corporate company & the episode of life is then clearly displayed on screen. Incidentally, Kajal Agarwal comes into their life & both falls in love at 1st sight. Shraddha Arya 2 is also there along with the heroine obviously. There will be surprise in the cameo role.

Navadeep shows his adoration for the girl in front of Bunny & asks him to help him out. Allu Arjun then sacrifices his love interest & with Bunny’s amusing & intellectual kind of tricks helps Navadeep to make an impact on Kajal Agarwal.

Lastly Allu Arjun finds out that Kajal loves him instead of Navadeep. Then the suspense part strikes audiences spine. But if you want to know who will marry whom, go see the movie at theatres asap.

Performances: Bunny highlights in ARYA 2 though with his sleepy kind of face, he actually attracted the audiences & keeps them on their toes with his tricky & funny kinda deeds. Bunny’s dance steps are immaculate & subsequent to Chiranjeevi & Junior NTR, we give him credit with his best dance in the Telugu film industry.

Kajal Agarwal previously looked somewhat dull in her debut movie ‘Chandamama.’ She looked dazzling & luminous in her movie ‘Magadheera’. But in this movie: Arya 2 she is looking much more dazzling. Lastly 1 thing to ensure that the movie ARYA 2 is not completely a family entertainer, hope you got the point what it meant to be…


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