Wednesday, September 2, 2009

YSR Andhra CM the Great CM ever Missing: Army sends in 500 commandos

YSR Andhra CM the Great CM ever
Sonia calls YSR's wife, Indian ARMY sends in 500 commandos considering search

Congress controller and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday evening called the wife of missing Andhra Pradesh pre-eminent influence Y.S. Rajshekhar Reddy.

The expound and important Governments trust pulled out entire steps to characterize out the missing Andhra Pradesh CM.

Meanwhile, as case history of government attempts to search for the missing CM, the Army is sending 500 commandos of its Special Force "Ghatak", who are specially trained in the enterprise warfare.

Moreover, TV channel reports stated Andhra Pradesh inimitable Minister, who is missing since morning, had reportedly left on a secret visit to the villages of State.

According to a local support report, Reddy told media persons: The objective to undertake such a visit was to follow through out to villages. finished is need to secure cooking establish and water supply."

The secrecy of his proposed tour was maintained due to security reasons. The two officials accompanying the prime carry on were also informed just two hours before the ulterior departure.

Source:SIFY NEws

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